List of Law

      The Ministry of Employment & Labor translated all Korean labor laws into English four or five years ago but has not updated them since. Using these old translations was impossible as many of the laws have been significantly revised and new ones introduced. Our business as a labor law firm for expatriates and foreign-invested companies necessitated that we have accurate translations of the updated labor laws. This we have done in A Bilingual Code of Korean Labor Law (3rd Edition), which you hold in your hands. Besides being translated by a labor attorney with years in the business, this volume has also been proofread by a Canadian editor with experience in Korean Labor Law. It covers 26 labor laws as well as the Constitution of the Republic of Korea and the Civil Law, and it is our intent to publish new editions every year with timely updates in English of changes as we make this volume the must-buy-and-read book for labor law specialists.  

Ⅰ.General Laws

Ⅱ.Individual Labor Relations Laws

Ⅲ.Collective Labor Relations Laws

Ⅳ.Other Labor Laws