Chapter 1. Key Labor News 주요 노동뉴스
The Serious Accidents Punishment Act Expanded to Apply to Businesses with Fewer Than 50 Employees Starting Jan. 27, 2024
2024. 1. 27. 중대재해처벌법이 50인 미만 사업장으로 확대 적용

Chapter 2. Recent Articles 최근 기고문
I. The Era of Integration of Overseas Korean Agency and Immigration Office, Are we ready for this? (by Advisor, Haesun Kim)
재외동포청과 이민청의 통합시대, 우리는 준비가 되어있나? (by김해선 고문)
II. Work-Related Fatality: Army Sergeant Dies due to Overwork
육군 중사의 과로사 산재사건
III. Workplace Harassment after Employee Request for Remedy against Unfair Demotion
구제신청 했다는 이유로 발생한 직장 내 괴롭힘 사건
IV. Case Study: A Claim of Workplace Harassment and the related Handling Process
내 괴롭힘 사건 발생과 처리 과정 사례

Chapter 3. Feature Articles: Collective Bargaining Cases
특집: 인사권 침해 등에 관련된 단체교섭 사례
I. An Evaluation of a Collective Bargaining Agreement between a Janitors’ Labor Union and their University Employer
대학 청소노동조합 단체협상에 대한 평가
II. A Case of Recovery of Infringed Managerial Rights through Collective Bargaining
단체협상을 통한 인사경영권 회복 사례
III. Forced business closure as a result of a labor union’s abuse of its rights
노동조합의 권리남용으로 인한 회사폐업 사례
IV. An Airline Labor Union Improves Working Conditions
외국계 항공사 노동조합을 통한 근로조건 향상 사례연구


Ⅱ.Individual Labor Relations

Ⅲ.Collective Labor Relations