Employment Contract for Minors

(herein after, ‘the Company’) hereby offers employment and (herein after, ‘the Employee’) accepts the offer of employment pursuant to the terms and conditions set forth below. 
1. The term of Employment Contract
Commencing from , , the contract shall be deemed that the contract has no fixed time period.
2. Job Content and Place of work
1) Job Content :
2) Palce of work : and other locations that the company designates
3) The company may change the contents of the job contents and the place of work in the future in accordance with the business needs.
The Employee shall be subject to a probationary period of months beginning on the date of commencement of employment. However, the probationary period may be extended, omitted or shortened by the Company when determined to be necessary or appropriate by the Company. If during the probationary period, the company determines, under its sole discretion that the Employee is unfit for employment with the Company because of insufficient skills, inadequate work performance, character, attitude or any other business reason, the Company may terminate this agreement without any advance notice and with no compensation.  In such case, the Company shall only be liable for payment of the number of days worked by the Employee.
4. Compensation
1) Montly Salary : KRW (Gross Annual Salary KRW)
2) Date and Method of Payment: Every of the month the installment of salary shall be deposited directly into the bank account(s) under the employee’s name. In the event when the payment day falls on a non-working day, the salary shall be paid on the preceding work day.
3) Salary Calculation Period: From to of the month
5. Working hours and holidays
1) Working hours are : per day, : per week.
2) Working days are from to .
3) Recess hours are from : to : and the company may change the working hours and recess hours in accordance with the business needs and the employee shall follow the changes.
4) The company shall allow one day of paid weekly holiday when the employee show perfect attendance for the contractual working days per week. The paid weekly holidays are on Sundays in principle but it may change in accordance with the busines needs by the company.
5) Labor day and the holidays(the Holidays which are stipulated in the Regulations On Holidays Of Government Offices in accordance with the Article 55(2) of the Labor Satandards Act. Provided that, in accordance with the Labor Standard Act, are paid holidays.
5) Labor day are paid holidays.
7. Annual Leave
1) The Employer shall grant the employee who has worked not less than 80 percent of one year a paid leave of 15 days.
2) The Employer shall grant the employee who has continuously worked for not less than three years the paid-leave days that are calculated by adding one day for every two continuously working years not including the first one year to the 15 paid-leave days referred to in paragraph 1). In this case, the total number of paid-leave days, including the additional paid-leave days, shall not exceed 25 days.
3) Provided that the employer shall grant any employee who has continuously worked for less than one year or who has worked less than 80 percent of one year one paid-leave day for each month during which he or she has continuously worked.
8. Severance Pay
The Company shall pay the Employee severance pay, which will accrue at the rate of one month’s average wage, for each consecutive year of service in accordance with the Act On The Guarantee Of Employees' Retirement Benefits. The Employee will not be eligible for any severance pay until the Employee has been employed by the Company for one year or more. 
9. Conflict of interest and Non disclosure of information
1) During the period of this agreement, the Employee will neither perform any services for any competitor of the Company or for any subsidiary of a competitor regarding the non-disclosure of information, nor shall the Employee otherwise serve any conflicting interest, unless the Company first consents in writing. 
2) Any information the Employee obtains about the company, its subsidiaries, parent companies and customer company during the course of employment pursuant to this agreement, is proprietary and to be maintained in confidence.  The Employee agrees not to disclose such information without the prior written consent of the Company during employment and three years after termination of the agreement. 
10. Termination
1) The company may terminate this agreement with just cause by giving the Employee 30 days advance notice, or in lieu of, 30 days payment of normal wage.
2) The Employee who wishes to voluntarily leave the Company shall submit a Leave Request Form 30 days prior to the actual leave date. The Employee shall fulfill his/her duty and work sincerely until the Company processes their retirement request. 
11. Company regulations
The Employee shall faithfully perform the duties to him/her by the Company and shall fully comply with all Company regulations which shall be communicated to him/her and which may be modified by the company from time to time. 
12. Others
All matters which are not provided for in this agreement are governed by the Labor Standards Act and the Rules of Employment and generally-accepted idea in the society.
All matters which are not provided for in this agreement are governed by the Rules of Employment and generally-accepted idea in the society.


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