Bullying and Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

      This Manual on Preventing Workplace & Sexual Harassment deals with labor issues that have become front and center at workplaces in recent years. As the provisions on preventing workplace harassment were introduced to the Labor Standards Act in 2019, numerous conflicts between superiors and subordinates, which had been simmering at the workplace, are rising to the surface. While working on several cases involving workplace bullying and conducting some sessions on preventing it, I felt that now is the time for a manual to help businesses (and employees) facing these issues. It is for this purpose that this book has been published. Of special note is that Professor Kim El-lim of Korean National Open University (KNOU), who was the first president of the Society for Gender Law and an expert on sexual harassment in the workplace, joins me in this volume. I had the privilege of having her as a teacher and she was gracious enough to contribute a chapter on preventing sexual harassment in the workplace, which I have the honor of publishing herein. As such, this manual contains practical examples and ways to prevent workplace sexual harassment as well as workplace bullying.
This manual is structured in the following way. Chapter 1 explains the basic concepts of workplace harassment and sexual harassment. Chapter 2 contains specific cases of workplace harassment that have been handled in practice. Chapter 3 covers the legal system around and preventive measures against workplace sexual harassment, as well as case analysis data. Finally, Chapter 4 presents a variety of workplace and sexual harassment cases that have been dealt with by the Ministry of Employment and Labor and the courts, providing readers with a diverse range of practical examples.

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