Self-Assessment Checklist for Labor Inspections

Hello HR managers,
Welcome to the  Self-Assessment Checklist for Labor Inspections.
Labor inspectors visit workplaces on a regular basis to inspect whether companies are complying with the legal requirements of the Labor Standards Act. If violations are found during the inspection, companies are either penalized or issued correction orders. Therefore, properly preparing for a labor inspection has become essential for HR and labor managers.
What follows is a self-assessment checklist for you to accurately determine whether your company is in compliance with the Labor Standards Act. It involves 135 questions in a total of 16 areas. Specific explanations about how to prepare against violations being identified during the labor inspection will be of considerable help.
We estimate you will need about 30 minutes to answer the 135 questions in 16 areas. You will mark your answers as “Compliant,” “Incomplete,” or “Non-compliant.” The results can be emailed to you directly or you can print them out.
Written Statement of Working Conditions
Preservation of Employee Registers and Contract Documents
Payment of Various Money and Goods such as Wages
Violation of limits on working hours and overtime
Granting recess hours
Paid holidays
Annual paid leave
Children and Maternity Protection
Rules of Employment
Payment of retirement benefits
Prevention of workplace harassment
Observation of minimum wage
Prevention of sexual harassment in the workplace
Prohibition of Sex Discrimination in Employment
Prohibition of discrimination against non-regular workers
Establishment of labor-management council
If the results of your self-assessment show a lot of Incomplete or Non-compliant issues, we highly recommend contacting us at Kangnam Labor Law Firm for consultation on properly rectifying the situation.
I hope you find your self-assessment useful and informative.
Bongsoo Jung
Labor Attorney, Representative Director, Kangnam Labor Law Firm
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