Rules of Employment

Employment rules self-written manual Hello, Gangnam Labor Law Firm staff,

This document is based on the assumption of a manufacturing company that operates under the 40-hour workweek system (5-day workweek). Therefore, when referring to this document to establish or modify the employment regulations of a workplace, it should be revised and utilized in accordance with the size and nature of the workplace, within the limits that do not violate labor laws such as the Labor Standards Act.

In addition, since this data reflects labor-related laws and regulations that have been amended so far, each workplace must confirm the enactment or revision of laws and regulations and reflect them in the employment rules in accordance with the standards.

Since the required working conditions described in this document reflect the minimum standards under the relevant laws, workers can be guaranteed more than that depending on the circumstances of the workplace.

Rules of employment should always be posted or kept in a place where workers can freely peruse them to be widely known to workers, and when establishing or changing the rules of employment, the opinions of the majority of the workers (if there is a majority union, the union) must be heard (consent in case of disadvantageous changes)

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