Employment Contract

Part 2. Employment Contract Forms and Related Explanations

Ⅳ. Employment Contract for Daily Workers

Daily workers are employed on a daily basis or work for a remarkably short period. Therefore, the date of commencement of the employment contract or the duration of the employment contract must be specified. In terms of wages, hourly wage, daily wage, monthly wage, etc. must be specified, as additional allowances for overtime, night work, and holiday work.

1. Wage payment and calculation
For daily workers who are hired on a daily basis, wages shall be paid each day upon fulfilling the contractual working hours.
The wage of a daily worker is calculated by the hourly or daily wage rate in principle. The hourly wage is calculated into a daily wage by multiplying the number of contractual working hours of one day by the hourly wage rate.
Contractual working hours of one day for a construction worker or guard usually include extended or night work, so an additional allowance may be rendered in the inclusive wage of one day. In this case, the ordinary wage of one day can be gained through an inclusive inverse calculation.
For example, if the labor contract is drawn for 10 working hours a day and 100,000 won as a daily wage, then the ordinary wage of one day is 72,700 won:
⦁ Hourly wage = 100,000 won ÷ [8 hours + (2 hours × 1.5)] = 9,090 won
⦁ Ordinary wage of one day = 9,090 won(hourly wage) × 8 hours(number of contractual working hours of one day) = 72,700 won

2. Working hours and holidays
Working hours shall not exceed 40 per week and 8 per day excluding recess hours, but if the parties concerned agree, working hours may be extended up to 12 hours per week. Accordingly, construction workers can sign a contract for 10 working hours per day.
If a daily worker renews his/her daily contract for 5 consecutive days, one paid holiday shall be provided. However, if he/she is eligible to receive one paid holiday after 5 consecutive working days, but the contract terminates the day before expecting a paid holiday, the holiday shall not be paid. Thus, for daily workers in construction or manufacturing, holiday allowance is often omitted in a calculation of payment which multiplies the number of days to a daily wage rate. Accordingly, if a daily worker maintains full attendance for the corresponding week, the weekly holiday allowance shall be additionally paid for each weekly holiday.

3. Standard employment contract

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